The discussion topic will be Transitions.
We all experience times in our lives when one phase ends and another begins. Sometimes these changes bring pain, and other times they heal us. They can be as simple as starting a new job, or complex as starting down a new spiritual path. Though we all experience these transitions, we all respond to them differently.
Please share an experience that changed your life for the better.
Did you have to make a difficult choice that ultimately worked out for the best?
How did you work through that transition?
Is there a choice you may have to make soon that is on your mind?
What support system do you have in place to help you through that change?

I am extremely late posting but I have been hard at work in one of my communities. There has been an ongoing disagreement between moderators and management in the pagan server I mod in. This resulted in several of the mods, including myself, leaving to start our own server. This decision was not made lightly, but we all agreed it was in the best interest of the moderator team and the members of the server who had voiced serious concerns about management.

We have devoted much of our personal time to get the server up and running as quickly as possible. Through the entire process we practiced something that was non existent with previous management… communication. This allowed us to get things set up quickly but with minimal hiccups, and the server was ready to go live within a week of our new owner taking over.

We tried to make this transition as smooth as possible and maintain an amicable relationship with the owner and members of the old server. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who expressed a desire to be a member of both servers. To me this perfectly expressed the nature of Paganism; being open and understanding of others and not letting conflict stand in the way of developing a new community while letting the old one continue to grow instead of leaving it to stagnate.

I will continue to share my thoughts on our weekly discussions here. Going forward the discussion will be updating on Sundays and my response post will go up Monday. As we grow I hope to start sharing this more with our members, and I have invited several of them to collaborate on large posts here.