Winter, Hygge, and Yule

I know that Yuletide has arrived when the river begins to freeze.

And it is this time of year, more than any other, that I feel hygge. Maybe it’s the gentle aroma of peppermint coming from my hot mug. Maybe it’s the soft blanket on my lap as I type this. Maybe it’s the gentle breathing of my dog sleeping in front of the fire. All of these things give me a deep sense of warmth and contentment despite the freezing winds outside. 

What will those winds bring this season? Will they bring the Furious Host past my cabin on their ride? Will they bring wights who wish weal or woe? Will they bring my ancestors to keep vigil for Sunna with me? Yule is the time when Midgarth no longer belongs to us alone, and during the dark nights all realms will meet.

So come, those who wish to come; stay, those who wish to stay; and fare, those who wish to fare, harmless to me and mine. The Yule season has begun, the veil is thinning, and solstice draws near. I have a warm fire, a soft blanket, and offerings to be made.

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